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VR Headset Glasses Headset Helmets VR Compatible Gaming Video Box Virtual Reality Gafas

VR Headset Glasses Headset Helmets VR Compatible Gaming Video Box Virtual Reality Gafas

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Step into a World of Immersive Gaming and Entertainment with Our VR Headset Glasses – Your Gateway to a Virtual Reality Experience Like Never Before!

Are you ready to embark on a journey beyond reality and into the world of virtual gaming and entertainment? Say hello to our VR Headset Glasses, the ultimate companion for immersive adventures, breathtaking visuals, and limitless fun.

Compatible Gaming Video Box: Our VR headset is compatible with a wide range of gaming consoles, video boxes, and devices, ensuring you have access to a vast library of virtual reality experiences. Dive into the world of gaming like never before and enjoy stunning graphics and captivating gameplay.

Virtual Reality Gafas: Discover the future of entertainment with our virtual reality "gafas" (glasses in Spanish). Whether you're exploring virtual worlds, watching 360-degree videos, or experiencing interactive simulations, our VR headset provides a lifelike and immersive experience.

High-Quality Optics: Experience sharp and clear visuals with our high-quality optics. Our VR headset is designed to reduce motion sickness and provide a comfortable viewing experience, even during extended gaming sessions.

Adjustable and Comfortable: Our headset is designed with your comfort in mind. It features adjustable straps, padded cushions, and ergonomic design to ensure a snug fit for hours of enjoyable use. Say goodbye to discomfort and focus on the adventure at hand.

Wide Field of View: Immerse yourself in a wide field of view that transports you to another dimension. Our VR headset provides a panoramic view that enhances the sense of presence and realism, making your virtual experiences feel truly immersive.

Easy Setup and Controls: Setting up our VR headset is a breeze, and the intuitive controls ensure you can navigate through virtual worlds with ease. Dive into new adventures with minimal setup time.

Experience the thrill of virtual reality gaming and entertainment with our VR Headset Glasses. It's more than just a headset; it's your ticket to a world of immersive experiences, interactive storytelling, and endless fun. Upgrade your gaming – order yours today and step into the virtual realm!

supports visibility below 600 degrees under the naked ey
Support smart phones
4.7-6.0 inches Android for Windows for IOS system
independent installation, adjustable elastic headband
Product Type
VR all-in-one
Glasses Type
3D Glasses
What’s inside the box?
  • dual-purpose machine
  • artificial leather
  • straight (removable)
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